Friday, March 6, 2009

Last post for the night...

We took Savannah and Lilly to Pirate Island Pizza. It was so much fun the kids love playing all the games. Savannah loved the food. She now knows what the Pirate says. She puts her little finger in a hook and goes "arrrr" Next time you see her ask her what the Pirate says. Savannah did not want to go home. She went out with a fight just like a true PIRATE.

Hunter's birthday Party

I know Hunter's party was a few months ago but I just put all the photos on the lap top and that is why I have done so many post tonight. So Hunter We love you and we are so happy that you live next door. I hope you got everything you wanted. We all know you got way more then you needed. That is a good thing so don't ever let any one say Different OK. Amanda did a great job with the party and the cake and cup cakes were great. Oh Hunter you can open one of Savannah gifts at her party. Thanks hunter for letting Savannah help open all most every gift. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!

Grandpa Jeff

So Grandpa Jeff came down to St. George last weekend. The day before Jeff come. I told Savannah that Grandpa Jeff was coming down to see her. She was so cute she keep saying "Jeff Jeff" You would ask her "Savannah who is coming to see you" she would say "Jeff" It was really to cute. He showed up like a Rock Star. His friends and him got an airplane. It took them a little less then 2 hours. (lucky) When he got here Savannah was so happy to see her Grandpa Jeff. I forgot to get pics of the rock stars getting of the airplane but I did get some of Savannah and Grandpa playing. Jeff next time we want Cindy to come play too. Love and miss you both.

Bath Time

Savannah Jane loves baths. If she could she would be in the bath or shower all day. In the morning when i tell her it is time to shower. she drops everything and goes running to the bathroom. She is so funny. It is a fight to get her undresses. I must be slow at getting her undress. Savannah has allot of bath toys. To many bath toys but that is what makes the bath fun right??? Savannah has this little pig that she picked out the other day at the store. The one she picked had my name on it so Erik just had to get it. I made it a bath toy. You guys tell me does she have to many bath toys? Oh and the photos don't show all her toys.

Jordan world circus

We took Savannah, Rylee, and Kayden to Jordan world circus. It was so much fun. The kids loved it. Savannah and Rylee have never been to the Circus to the two of them were in HEAVEN. We seat over on the side and on the front row so that Savannah could run around. we all so got to see the elephants come out to the ring. Savannah really liked the dogs. I did not get any photos of the dogs sorry. They had pink and blue Poodles that were so so cute. We took the kids on a pony ride and on an elephant ride. Savannah loved the pony ride but was not so into the elephant. I think she was just to high up. I was even a little scared getting up on the elephant.


It has been nice and warm down here in St. George so we try to get out. Savannah has a little friend that she takes Gymnastics with. So after Gymnastics we take the kids to the park for lunch and a little fun. Tuesdays are the best days of the week. Savannah all ways takes really long naps. She also likes going to the Park with Kayden and Kobe. The boys are older so she gets to do more of the big kid stuff. Kayden loves to help Savannah. There are allot of parks down here. So we are going to have to try them all out and find the best ones. There also is allot of water parks. So summer is going to be nice.

Really bad at...

ok i am so bad about telling everyone about how Savannah Jane is doing. I am really bad about updating are blog. I am good at looking at everyones blog. So here are some updates on us down here in St. George. I am going to put a few post so have fun.
So Savannah Jane the love of my life. Loves my lipstick. She knows not to get into moms make-up and not to touch my lipstick lipgloss or lip anything. So we were just hanging out and we did not hear are little one running around or talking so we knew something was wrong. SO we all went out looking for her and this is what we found.