Sunday, August 10, 2008

Savannah and her sunglasses she got for her birthday. She was so happy to get them. what a little diva

Savannah Jane's Birthday

We just gave are little miss Savannah Jane her 1st birthday party. Ok to tell you the truth Savannah had 2 first birthday party's. (Thanks Burns family). The party in Salt Lake was so much fun. Savannah loves seeing Lilly and Madie. Savannah loved her cake and went for  it. The party down here in St. George was crazy. We had a kid pool, a slash pad, and a big water slide for the older kids. The food was great, the kids were so fun to watch. Savannah did not really dig into the cake like i wanted but who really cares right.  I just have to say thanks to everyone who helped and put up with me. 
So at the end of the day when I had time to sit and look at my sweet love. All I could do was think how lucky Erik and I are. Savannah is such a sweet gift. We are so lucky to have her in are life.

Savannah Jane Bullock we love you so much!