Saturday, January 31, 2009

work and life..

So I got a job. It is kinda a job. I am just on call so it is nice working a few days a month. I worked Thursday and Friday both were 8 hours. I did not know it was so hard to work an 8 hour day and then come home and have to take care of little Savannah and get dinner and get the house clean everything else that has been pushed to the side. So for all the Moms that work out there way to go. It is so hard working and being a mom. WAY TO GO WORKING MOMS!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey everyone,
it sure has been along time for a post from me so here it is.
I have nothing to new to say. Life is good. Savannah has started going to a gym class. It is a mommy and tot class. It is so much fun. Savannah is the youngest one in her class but she keeps up with the other BOYS!! (that is my girl. Takin down the boys)
Savannah is starting to really get into dancing around the house. She even wants to dress up. She sings her own made up song and just does her thing. She really like Wall-E and wants to watch it all the time. She likes EBA the most. (EVA) Savannah get so into the movie. When wall-e gets hurt she goes"oh no wall=e" it is so cute.
I did not tell anyone about a Christmas really. Savannah got a kitchen and it is so fun to watch her play. She got a cupcake set and makes everyone eat a cupcake everyday. When she woke up and saw the Kitchen she ran over and started cooking. She knew just what to do. It made are Christmas to see her so happy. Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Grandpa Clarks. it was fun> everyone is going to love the photo of grandpa cody being put into a head lock. All and all we had a great Christmas! New Years was fun too. Savannah and i spent it up in Salt Lake why Erik got to go out for the Utah football game. He had so much fun. So Savannah got to play with Lilly. Savannah loved having a little friend around. She got to meet Easton for the First time and she did not really care for the baby. She just wanted to play. So that was funny to me. She just is not into babies.
Savannah got her first haircut. Ok i did not do as good as savannah. Savannah loved it. She got to drive the car, Pick a movie to watch, She got candy. Savannah did so good she just drove the car and just watched her movie. it was sure fun. The lady who cut it did a great job. i do have to say it was fun.

I Hope everything is going well for everyone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sing and Dance

Hey everyone,
I am going to give everyone an update on are Christmas and New Years. Lets start with Christmas Eve. We went to Grandma Debbie's. We had dinner and the one and only SANTA came over and gave the kids Christmas Pj's. this was the best part of Christmas Eve. She would not stop singing and dancing.