Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I just wanted to put a few new photos up. I love see other photos of friends and family.

Getting Savannah to Bed.

OK I do have to say that Erik and I are not very good about getting Savannah to bed at the same time every night. We Try to start getting ready for bad about 9. We read a book or 4 and sing a few song. Then tell her what we are going to do tomorrow and that she needs to go to bed so she can wake up and play. some night we get lucky and she goes right out. Other nights like tonight is Hell. We fight with her as she yells and cry. You would think some one was hurting her. So we bring her in bed with us try to get her to sleep and that is just all ways the wrong thing to do. She gets all cute at first giving kisses the hole thing. then she starts getting up getting out of bed and running all around. It sucks. So any ways I just put her down and she did not cry but i can hear her in there talking. I hope she goes to bed soon. Wish me luck