Saturday, December 20, 2008


OK so if no one knows it snowed down here in St. George. It was so fun. It started snowing at 3 p.m. and did not stop snowing until 4a.m. the funny thing is there was only about 2 inch. of snow. If it snowed like that in Salt lake City it would be about 2 feet. The snow flakes were so so big. Savannah and I had to go out side and play in the snow. We called Amanda and Hunter to ask them to come play. So here it is 9:30 and we are all out side playing in the snow. Making Snowman. Savannah loved it. She was eating the snow. After she ate it she said"yum yum" It dose not really snow to much in St. George so Savannah does not have gloves or snow pants. Why would we need them? So here she is no gloves picking up snow. Her little hands were ice but she did not care. She was having to much fun to even know. She had about 3 pair of pants on a long shirt and 2 jackets. So her body was warm. The best part was the next day the snow was still there. So we got Savannah some rain boots and found so gloves for her and she went out and played in the snow again. She loves the snow. I have to tell you guys about the rain boot's. They are pink with Hello Kitty on them. The only size they had was a 5/6. So the boots are about 1 1/2 sizes to big. She loves the boot and wont take them off. She can't even really walk in them that great. So she keep falling in the snow and the boots would fall off. It was really funny to watch her play in the snow. We'll she how she does up in Salt Lake City. I all most forgot to tell everyone about CRAZY ERIK. I think the photo says it all!!!!!