Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is Savannah after eating the paint
This is for you MOM! Do you like the Cupcakes?

OK I have not done a blog in a very long time and people are starting  to get mad. So here I am... Savannah is going to be Snow White for Halloween this year. She is going to look so cute!!! I'll put a photo up on Friday!!! So tonight we did the pumpkins with Cally, Kale and 2 cute little boy. Savannah painted her pumpkin she loved it. I have never let her get into paint before so I was not really sure how this was all going to go down, but she did such a good job and she had so much fun. She had paint all over the pumpkin. She had a smile from ear to ear it was really cute. She did how ever eat some of it. She made one sick face.  Next year is going to be fun she gets to play in all the guts!!!!