Friday, July 17, 2009

For all the St. George friends and Family

I miss you all so much. We are going to be having a birthday party down in St. George and I wanted to post this so everyone knows. The Party in Salt lake is going to be Aug 1 so I'll try to get that info up when i get time

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Friday, May 29, 2009


So I wanted to start Preschool with Savannah. I know she is young and may not really know what is going on but what the hell. It keeps her away from the TV. So when I got online and start looking. Doing my homework and look for a cute, fun way to do this.I can across a web page called NO TIME FOR FLASH CARDS. On this web page they show you cute things to do with letters. they also go to the library and get a few book. I took that Idea and put a little twist on it. I went to the Craft store and got a frame and the stuff to make a magnet board for the letters. So in her room she had a cute frame with the Letter A. At the Library Savannah and I got books about Alligators and apples. Then I made an really big A and let her color it and turn the A into an alligators. I made a few more A so Savannah next week can make an apple A and an Alien A. Savannah LOVED her first day of preschool. when she got up from her nap it was all set up for her. The 2 books on Alligators the frame and the stuff to make the A alligator. She liked to glue the teeth and eyes on, She did not color to much but who cares. She sure had fun showing Erik when he got home. Savannah told him it was in alligator then showed him the frame with the letter A. She knows the letter A when you ask her. Lets hope she can remember it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cady and Rylee

Cady and Rylee are in a dance group. Every year they have a dance Review. At the review the Dad's take the kids out on the dance floor and dance. Rylee dad does not live her so Erik take her out. He is so good with her. He spins her around and at the end of the song he does the dip. Rylee and Erik sure are fun to watch. Cady looked to good. If we could all look as good as Cady life would be great. Rylee looked great in her dress. I helped pick out the dress this year. It was fun seeing her try the dresses on. I just wanted everyone to see how cute they looked. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!

I forgot to tell everyone the best part of the night. So the dance teacher put something on for the girls... She had all the moms come out. The moms did a great job dancing. Cady and Rylee had no clue that there mom's had been doing this 2 night a week for 2 months. Debbie is one great dance and Brenda did good also. Everyone get on YOUTUBE and look up

The lake.

One Sunday Erik and I got a wild hair and got Rylee, Erik's Grandma and Grandpa together loaded them up into the car and head to the lake. Erik sure knows how to show everyone a good time. He set up a canape and made sure everyone had a chair, lunch and a drink. When Erik was doing the hard work. I took Savannah out to play in the lake and play in the sand. She had so much fun. She could not sit there and do nothing. She was all ways playing in the sand or pulling some one to the water. Erik, Troy and I all tried to catch a fish but no luck. Dang! I was sure a great time. The only bad thing I have to say about the trip is we keep finding red sand in the car. It is all over the place. OH but to make up for that. On the way home we found a new tube in the middle of the road. Thanks to who ever lost it!!!


OK so if i could I would go fishing everyday. Don't care if it is on a boat shore dock or in a pond. I just love to fish. Marty has a boat and also like to fish so we went out one weekend. It was a blast. Everyone got a fish or 2. Erik likes to make fun of me because I catch the first fish or the biggest fish. I let him talk then I add on that "yes I can out fish you boys. My Grandpa Burns showed me how to do it" So Grandpa Thanks for showing me how to catch fish. Anyone up for a fishing trip let me know. Savannah is also starting to like fishing and going to the lake. (Erik did not want a photo but I got one of him taking the fish off. Don't tell)

Back to a water park.

Savannah loves Lilly. Savannah asked lilly to go on a play date out to the Green Spring splash park. Those two had so much fun. They ran from the water to the slides and all over the grass. We also took them for a walk around the park. It sure was fun. Like I said in the last post Savannah does not like to go in the shooting water part. so she just filled up the bucket and played in that. Cute lilly was so funny. She got everyone wet. Don't tell her but it kinda felt good to cool down.


There is a water park up the street from are house. Savannah likes to take walks up there and play all day. They have this lazy river. (i think that is what you call it) The river has big sand stone rocks in it for the kids to play on. Savannah likes the rocks but the bad thing is what her butt looks like after. Not the best thing. red every where. It does not wash out to good also. In the front of the park they have a splash pad. The water shoots up in different places. Savannah does not like it to much. We can't get her to go in that part. She run around it and maybe out her foot in but that is as far as she'll go.

Who loves you? "daddy loves me"

Erik all ways asks Savannah who loves her. (He thinks this is so funny) Erik asks Savannah and she gets this big smile on her face and goes "DADDY LOVES ME". then she gets a little red. She is just so funny. Now Erik thinks he is the big man around the house. Erik gets home and it is bye bye mom. It is so fun to see Savannah hanging on Erik.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Mom got Married!

So my mom has been dating Mark Goodman for about 5 years. He is a great man and does so much for my family. So Let me tell you when my mom told me she was getting married and moving into there new house in a month. I just about died. I did not know what to say. Do I say.... " you are crazy for doing this all in a month," or do I say "mom, I am so happy for you and mark and wish you the best." I took the easy road and said " Good luck what can we do to help?" SO May 21 comes and I saw an Angel walking to her new Husband. I do not have the words to tell everyone how happy I am for my mom and Mark...

MOM and MARK. I wish you both luck. This has been a long time coming and thank god it came. Love you Both!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dress up, Dirt, Friends

Savannah loves to dress up and play with friends. She has 2 little friends that she hangs out with allot. There is Hunter who she loves so much and gets so happy to see his cute face. There is Cairo who is so so smart and she comes up with cute and funny things to say. So her friends all live next door. It is so nice to have friends who live so close. All 6 of us hang out side and play. They all have the same nap time too so it works out great. Here are some fun photos of Savannah and friends. She wanted to dress up and play. She even ended up eating some dirt. She did not like it when I wanted to wash her face. Don't look at my dirty room. I just wanted to show the photo of Savannah in my shoes. She walks better in my shoes then i do.

Erik showing Savannah how to golf.

I might be crazy!

I wanted to cut out TV time and find some fun craft things for Savannah to do. So I got online and found some really cute craft ideas for kids. They all have to do with paint. (that is where i am crazy) I found a few cute things with color tissue paper. So I went to the dollar store and got some fun little things sponges, tissue paper, pie pans for the paint. Then I went and got paint. When we got home we had a little play date with Cairo. They painted and had so much fun. I was kicking myself the hole time thinking. "This is going to suck to clean up. I should just stick with the TV. What am i doing?" When the kids were done Denise got out the baby wipes and both kids the paint and table were cleaned up in 2 mins. I wish I had my camera with me to take pics. dang. however Savannah wanted to make a new panting last night so we got everything out and made more. I did have my camera this time. I also had Rylee here to help.


Savannah had a great Easter Sunday. She had 2 egg hunts. The First egg hunt was in the front yard. She really did not know what to do so we helped her out. Erik told her to put the eggs in the basket and then we'll open them and see all the cool thing the Easter bunny gave you. Savannah was off to get the egg, But when she would get to the eggs they would be gone. The dress was so big that it would cover the eggs and she could not see them. It was funny. The 2ND egg hunt was at Grandma Debbie's. We put money in the eggs and sent the kids out to find them. Savannah came home with $10.00. We had a fun family dinner with lots of laughter. Savannah had a great Easter a Great Easter Dress. Erik and I had a great Easter full of fun watch Savannah find the eggs open them and find a new toy or nail polish. We did not want to give Savannah to much candy so she got some cars, nail polish , clip on earrings. Fun little things that she likes. Savannah loves the nail polish. I had to hide it from her. What A great EASTER.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ice Cream

So one night Erik was eating his Ice Cream cone and Savannah was having a nice bath. When Savannah got out of the bath all clean and in her Pj ready for bed. I told her she could go watch a little T.V. with dad why I get ready for bed. When I was washing my face I could her Savannah out front getting all mad. So I got out there as fast as I could to see what was going on. I came out to find Savannah fight with her dad over the Ice Cream cone. It was so funny. she won the fight and Erik missed out on most of the Ice Cream Cone.