Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cady and Rylee

Cady and Rylee are in a dance group. Every year they have a dance Review. At the review the Dad's take the kids out on the dance floor and dance. Rylee dad does not live her so Erik take her out. He is so good with her. He spins her around and at the end of the song he does the dip. Rylee and Erik sure are fun to watch. Cady looked to good. If we could all look as good as Cady life would be great. Rylee looked great in her dress. I helped pick out the dress this year. It was fun seeing her try the dresses on. I just wanted everyone to see how cute they looked. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!

I forgot to tell everyone the best part of the night. So the dance teacher put something on for the girls... She had all the moms come out. The moms did a great job dancing. Cady and Rylee had no clue that there mom's had been doing this 2 night a week for 2 months. Debbie is one great dance and Brenda did good also. Everyone get on YOUTUBE and look up

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