Friday, May 29, 2009


So I wanted to start Preschool with Savannah. I know she is young and may not really know what is going on but what the hell. It keeps her away from the TV. So when I got online and start looking. Doing my homework and look for a cute, fun way to do this.I can across a web page called NO TIME FOR FLASH CARDS. On this web page they show you cute things to do with letters. they also go to the library and get a few book. I took that Idea and put a little twist on it. I went to the Craft store and got a frame and the stuff to make a magnet board for the letters. So in her room she had a cute frame with the Letter A. At the Library Savannah and I got books about Alligators and apples. Then I made an really big A and let her color it and turn the A into an alligators. I made a few more A so Savannah next week can make an apple A and an Alien A. Savannah LOVED her first day of preschool. when she got up from her nap it was all set up for her. The 2 books on Alligators the frame and the stuff to make the A alligator. She liked to glue the teeth and eyes on, She did not color to much but who cares. She sure had fun showing Erik when he got home. Savannah told him it was in alligator then showed him the frame with the letter A. She knows the letter A when you ask her. Lets hope she can remember it.