Thursday, May 28, 2009


There is a water park up the street from are house. Savannah likes to take walks up there and play all day. They have this lazy river. (i think that is what you call it) The river has big sand stone rocks in it for the kids to play on. Savannah likes the rocks but the bad thing is what her butt looks like after. Not the best thing. red every where. It does not wash out to good also. In the front of the park they have a splash pad. The water shoots up in different places. Savannah does not like it to much. We can't get her to go in that part. She run around it and maybe out her foot in but that is as far as she'll go.

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Amber Ada Reimann Burns said...

The dirty bum photo is the best. Tells the truth about being a kid, and sometimes I wish I could be back there with this little ones.